Ще почивате ли по коледните празници?
Да, само официалните почивни дни.
Да, ще си направя дълга почивка от Коледа до Нова година.
Не ще съм на работа.
Още не знам.
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Euroccor JSC

ул. „Донка Ушлинова” №2, сграда 1, ет. 1, София 1166
Euroccor, established in 2005, is a medium sized multichannel contact center located in Sofia. Since 2017 Euroccor is part of the Yource Group which is rooted in the Benelux, employs over 5000 people and has operational satellites in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Morocco and Bulgaria. Together with our clients, we are driven by a collaborative culture where we challenge each other to find new ways to be better, faster and smarter at what we do. We attach great importance to personalised training and support of agents. Each colleague occupies a crucial position within our company. The performance of each colleague contributes to our success. At Euroccor, we invest in personal development and finding opportunities for each person to progress within our company. It’s our people who make the difference!

Euroccor JSC

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