Колко често работодателят ви позволява да имате "home office?"
Поне веднъж в седмицата
Нямам възможност да работя от вкъщи, защото работата не ми го позволява
Работя от вкъщи, когато съм болна/ен
Мога да работя от вкъщи без ограничение
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STP ranks in the global top 100 translation companies, surpassing over 20,000 other LSPs. We have achieved this position by focusing on only six languages. What makes us an ideal partner is not our size, rating or client list; it is the unique specialisation which we have maintained for the past 20 years. We produce the work ourselves instead of passing it down the supply chain. Our expertise may have a narrow focus, but it is extensive.
Оur beginnings were very humble: Jesper Sandberg started Sandberg Translation Partners in 1995 as a one-man Danish translation business. His fearless attitude to translation technology and dedication to filling every role in the company with a qualified translator created a strong professional brand. The acquisition of Done Information Ltd in 2001 cemented STP’s shift from mainly Danish to all Nordic. Two more acquisitions followed in 2012: London/Stockholm-based Tranflex and UK-based Simply English International. The latter added translation from French and German into English to our in-house expertise.

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